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Hi my name is Neena. I am a freelance writer who holds an English literature degree. Writing is my passion and my favourite niches are travel related articles, product reviews, parenting, mortgage and environmental issues. Since I do a through research before creating my article, my articles always look fresh and content rich.

I have been a guest blogger on the following sites and these are the links to my recent articles.

My most recent post as a guest blogger can be found here http://www.theenergystate.com/blog/

I charge reasonable rates and adhere to timelines pretty easily. For further queries, kindly do contact me at neena.wright@gmail.com

simon B

Im a photographer, I am a newbie to Blogging in fact i've just finished watching an introduction video on bloggin

Its not the talent more the content that I think may interest you.. You see after 35 years of living in a council flat in London, i'm to be evicted by my local borough for underoccupation.. wass that mean? underoccupation explained quickly means “your mother is now dead sir and the 4 bedroom flat is too big for you so please leave your happy home and accept this crappy flat instead or else we'll evict you….. ”

I never accepted through various reasons and now I face court in December and a high possibility of eviction… its terrifying to think I may lose my home after 35 years, what shall I do, what will I say in court, where can I stay, where will I put my furniture???

Maybe you'd like to stay tuned and read the memoirs of an evicted man…Please do cos personally I'm gonna need the money

Visit Simon's site; contact him at juicysimon@gmail.com.

felicidad simon

Good day! I am Felicidad Simon, I just read your advertisement. I am willing to work at home since I cannot go out and find job. I got sick 5 years ago and I am required to stay at home and avoid spending too much time on crowded areas. I am a former student then at AMA Computer College Pampanga Campus. I took up Computer Engineering Course. I stopped when I was in third year due to my health condition. However, I am willing to work and I love writing. I really needed a simple work and at least an income. Please response to whom it may concern. It will really help me physically, mentally and financially.I am willing to serve you and my readers in the future.

Respectfully yours,
Felicidad Simon

God bless!!

Visit Felicidad's site; contact her at sfhel5@yahoo.com.

Michael Alexander

In my more than 23 years as an editorial and marketing communications pro, I have done it all: written for and edited Web sites, magazines, e-newsletters, public relations and anything else you can think of in either electronic or print media. My focus has been on consumer electronics, SMB and enterprise information technology and most recently, telecommunications.

I’m also the sort of person who grasps new concepts swiftly and knows exactly how to turn them into actionable content. That’s one reason I have been able to develop a keen understanding of how to build industrial-strength Web sites with the reader in mind. In addition, all my writing is done to play into how search bots crawl sites (proper keyword placement, formatting etc.).

I’m also a solid manager of my time and that of others and I have loads of experience successfully overseeing a wide variety of projects from launch to completion. I’m comfortable working one-on-one and in collaboration with large teams whose members are scattered across the country. I’m flexible, industrious and perhaps more than anything, I believe that “good enough,” is never good enough.

Please check out my blog on Web writing, content packaging and SEO at http://editorialengine.com. Also take a look at my “About” page and my resume at http://editorialengine.com/Resume.pdf.

Michael Alexander


Just new in the blogging world. Would love to blog for cash but don't really have the methods to do so. Some help here would be great. I have great passion for topics on gastronomy, all sorts of mental health, and counseling.

Visit Angelina's blog; contact her at angelina_chai@yahoo.com.


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