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Guinn Terry Davis

First of all, thanks for this great website.

I like to write about a wide range to things that include sports, travel, writing, personal stories, just to name a few.

Currently I am writing for several different websites:

My own personal website is, which I’ve created content for over a year.

I’m also writing for, which covers both college and professional football.  Here is a link to one of my articles:

My newest job is for a interactive travel guide website called WanderCast. Currently, this website is under development, but if you need me to send a .doc, .pdf, or .odt format of some of my work for this site, let me know.  Here is a link:

Here is a link to my resume page on my website:

Once again, thank you for your consideration.

Contact Guinn at

Torre Williams

Hi, I am an Air Force wife and stay-at-home mother of two. I am new to the blogging scene, but I would love to blog about life from a Christian perspective. I have a BS in Secondary Eng, and Language Arts Edu. I have done some writing in the past and I would like to continue writing, but with the freedom that you get from blogging. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Howdy, my name is Aris and I life in Indonesia, since last December I create a mission doing a little reforestation project (replanting maybe) for the hill near my village. Those project are become my own ambition to proof that with today facility people can collaborate each other give contribution build a symbiosis even in weird way, hope this model can be adopted and implemented in other region.

I heard about blogger jobs and I do like writing much, my interest is in green technology and IT innovation (, the topics are usually come from recent tech news then deliver by my own perspective.

Just enjoy my blog and try to come to my flickr account and if possible – hire me for a purpose, to help this replanting project join in A dollar for A dozen trees campaign and inspire other people to do the same.

Contact Aris at

Robert Starr

I’m a content writer with experience in everything from landing page content to
blogs ( installed with WordPress) to syndicated articles that are SEO
optimized. I live in the Toronto area and have a background in journalism

Visit Robert’s blog; contact him at

Constantine von Hoffman

My resume:

I write the blog and am guest blogger at and


about me: I am a freelance writer and a social media/online marketing consultant. I have been social media manager for and have had a long career as a journalist, specializing in business, marketing and the environment. I have been senior writer at Brandweek and CMO magazines, a city editor at the Boston Herald, and a news producer for NPR’s Living On Earth. My work has appeared in numerous magazines, including CIO, The Harvard Business Review, Sierra, OnHealth.Com, Yankee, TheStreet.Com, and Boston Magazine. I was part of the team that created CMO magazine, named best new magazine and best web site in 2005 by the American Society of Business Press Editors. I write the blog,, a humorous look at marketing, business and my dog.

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Billy Loi


I am a very experienced blogger ranking very high on a lot of keywords in the search engine. When you get a chance, go to Google and type in the keyword, ”detoxification secrets”, you will see my wordpress blog way at the top on the first page of Google. You will see my picture there too. Also type in ”ageless facial” in Google, you will see me again on the first page of Google. In other words, I am a blogger of health and fitness and anti aging. Basically I can blog about anything. I am very diverse. Let me give you another track record.

Go to Google and type in the keyword, ”network marketing process” and you will see my blog post on the first page titled ”Internet network Marketing process of improving your ad” and you will also see my post under ”Ultimate MLM Business Resource Center.”

I know how to compete effectively as a blogger by providing solutions oriented keywords in my blog posts. Check out my blogs and give me a call at 510-967-8181.

Billy Loi

510-967-8181 Please call me for an interview. I am really interested in your real blogging position. I have the ability to master any niche as you can see with my diverse topics of two different blogs I have: One promoting health and one promoting business.

Contact Billy at

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