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WP and Web 2.0 Bloggers Needed

Bloggers with experience in the WordPress and ‘Web 2.0’ niche are needed for a new blog network. Bloggers will be paid a base fee of $200/month for daily updates and bonuses will be paid for highly trafficked content.

From the BloggingPro Job Board

WordPress Bloggers Needed

We are looking for authors who can update a WordPress news portal and also write flagship content in this niche. You will have experience with WordPress, both as a blogger and also be experienced with the backend and WordPress history.

You will commit to blog daily at least once on week days (and ‘when there’s news) and provide at least once weekly both an opinion piece and extended entry about the technical aspect of WordPress. …

Web 2.0 Watchdog

You love mobile applications, you love Gowalla, Foursquare and the internet in general. You are an experienced author and would love to write for a larger audience. You do love to share how to use the internet to your advantage, you do love to write funny lists and reference content such as ‘Best download sites’ or ‘Podcasting Internet Gurus You MUST Follow’. You love sharing your opinion on ‘A-listers’ and new platforms.

Perfect, you might be what exactly are looking for. If you have a blog discussing ‘Web 2.0’ [sic] and at least 1 year of related archives, you should apply! …

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