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What Exactly is the Job of a Blogger?

What exactly is the job of a blogger? That is a question I’d often hear from people. That is not at all surprising since the job description of a blogger can be a hazy subject matter especially since there seems to be no clear-cut guidelines to qualify as one.

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Bloggers are freelance writers who have the responsibility of maintaining online journals referred to as a blogs. The tasks involved are for the general purpose of ensuring that blogs or sites are able to provide information. Blogs can be of whatever topic and it can also be a platform for self-expression of blog owners.

There isn’t even a particular educational program or degree for blogging which can provide a clearer description of the expected nature of work and tasks of bloggers. Just about everyone seems to have their own blog so it is evident that blogging is not limited to a particular group of people. So let’s talk about what a professional blogger is expected to do to get a clearer picture.

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It is the job of the blogger to:

Write and Publish

To write and publish articles in accordance with the direction set for the blog in relation to content and frequency of publishing

Attached to this responsibility is the responsibility to ensure that contents have been proofread before publication to keep in check possible grammatical and spelling errors. It is also expected that bloggers find suitable images to go with each article. Should it be necessary to put other media forms such as video or audio, that also generally falls under blogger responsibilities.

Attend Events

To attend events and other activities related to writing articles for the blog

There will be articles in a blog that will require bloggers to be physically present in an event for the purpose of providing “media coverage”. Bloggers will need to do this sometimes to provide a much credible written post. It is almost akin to reporting news.

Promote the Blog and Posts in Social Media

To promote the blog and posts in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Blogs generally need a push in social media presence. Bloggers usually take the lead in this since it is essentially about encouraging more readers to visit and read the written posts. Whether through a business fan page or a personal social media account of the blogger, promotion can take place.

Moderate Comments

To ensure that no spam comments or highly offensive ones are allowed to be published in blogs

Written posts usually trigger a response from the audience. It is the responsibility of the blogger to moderate and provide answers to queries especially about information contained in an article. Comments that contain spammy links or profanity are best not published.

It would be wise to look into some freelance writing resources and consider applying as a blogger to see if you have any future in the blogosphere. This is the only way you’d really know if the blogging job is for you.