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Visual Blogger Required: Remodeling, Green Design, Architecture

Tired of writing endless non-sense articles for content farms?

We’re taking another approach, we are looking for image rich posts, image collections including : a title, single paragraph description and sources (for crediting).

Themes: related to remodeling, design (as it applies to remodeling).

Examples of posts:

Collections Of Images Around A Topic (Multiple Sources)

20 Gorgeous Interior Designs That Don’t Really Exist

10 Crazy Exteriors Gone Outside the Box

20 Picture Perfect Houses of Film and TV

…in addition….

– collection of materials
– collection of nice designs (interior designs)

Collections Of Images About A Topic (Single Topic)

Read more: Gaetano Pesce’s Vertical Garden Covered Organic Building

Images about a new material or product of high interest and novelty related to remodeling.

Images About A Newsworthy Topic

e.g. Images about a new green building, a recent award, etc.

How to apply

Send a sample title of a collection to – if you can add an image, it will be welcome.