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Types of Blogging Jobs Available

Blogging is a fun and enriching job particularly if you’re passionate about writing and sharing your views and opinions. But there’s a lot to know about the world of blogging and if you’re just starting out, it would be best to find out first the types of online writing jobs available. This way, you know what you’re getting into and how you can earn an income for the long term. It will also help you choose the path where your skills fit best.

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Paid Guest Writer

A guest writer is normally one hired by the blog owner to write posts and articles for their blog. You may be given an opportunity to include a bi-line or resource box in addition to your name on every post you contribute to the site. With an author bi-line, you can then include a link to your own site or blog thereby giving you exposure on what you do as well as your skills.

A background in using WordPress would be an advantage here as you may be tasked to post your article on the site and find a related image to go along with your post.

For this position, it’s either you will be paid per article or will be given a fixed rate per month depending on the blog owner. When applying, make sure to provide links to your previous writing work in addition to an attractive cover letter to introduce yourself.

Ghost Writer for Blogs

A ghost writer is one who writes posts for a blog but is not allowed to use his or her name on the article he or she contributes. It’s a legitimate job and if you don’t mind promoting your name with your article, this position will earn you good money and will hone your writing skills as well.

The blog owner will either give you topics to write on or you will have to propose titles for your articles. Normally, you just email your finished article to the client but you may also be asked to send a suitable image for your post.

Content Manager

This position calls for an experienced content writer with excellent communication, leadership and organization skills who will be tasked to manage the articles posted on various sites, blogs and social media sites. The content manager also needs to assign various writing work to their team of writers via email or through a content management system.

Communication is usually done via email but the manager may allow experienced writers to post their articles and images on the site.

In addition to managing articles and writers, a content manager may also be involved in developing content, editing, proofreading articles as well as hiring writers.

Becoming a freelance writer online is not that difficult nowadays. There are numerous free blogging tools available on the web which can help you hone your skills and earn you the income you desire moving forward.