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Turn Your Sales Background into Blogging Success


One of the most helpful backgrounds any person can have is sales. It’s customer relations on speed, and the things you learn in sales can be helpful in a number of other fields from medicine to entrepreneurship. However, if you’ve set your sights on blogging, whether it’s as a paid blogger for a company or you’re gearing up to start your own, you’re in luck. Sales and blogging have a lot more in common than you think.

For example, in retail you learn that presentation is a huge part of making a sale (well before you even talk to a customer). People come into your store often based on the window displays, the smells emitting from the storefront, and those neatly stacked sweaters with gleaming “50 percent off” signs. The same goes with blogging: It doesn’t matter how quality the content is if your website isn’t attractive or designed responsively.

Turning sales into blogs

The customer may always be right, and the same is (kind of) true with your readers and followers. However, just like you wouldn’t gladly let someone steal a DVD when you work at an electronics store or assault an employee, you don’t need to put up with abuse on your blog. Fostering relationships, replying to messages and comments, and generally “managing” the blog is similar to managing a retail store.

You’ve also probably perfected the art of upselling, and that’s similar to improving click through rates (CTRs) and link sharing. Once you have a customer or blog reader “hooked,” they’re more likely to trust you and want to check out what you recommend. Make it easy by providing plenty of quality, new content and link sharing with other complementary bloggers who aren’t your direct competition. Upselling the world of blogs means giving readers what they want before they even know they want it.

Lessons from the battlefield

You got into sales perhaps by chance, but you were successful because you had a knack for it. This knack often involves a keen set of people skills and the ability to figure out what people want. This is exactly what you need to get a great blog started, except you also need the ability to drum up exceptional content. Maybe you’re a gifted writer, maybe you have a penchant for photography (image-driven blogs are gold), or maybe you have the ability to make readers do the heavy lifting and send you videos or images to populate the blog.

Remember when you made your first sale, and your boss taught you about different pricing for different customers? With blogging, it’s just as thrilling to reach that first milestone such as a certain number of followers, but don’t forget that every reader is willing to bring something different to the table. What you ask of them depends on your goals and the blog niche, but generally speaking all readers want to be treated fairly, which means no required subscriptions, an easy to navigate website, and a true blog that doesn’t blur the lines between blog and sales pitch.

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