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Splashpress Media is Looking for a ‘Blogger Jobs’ Blogger

Splashpress Media, owner of this site, is looking for a new author for this blog, Blogger You will update the blog 3-4 weeks with new job openings, gathered from the main job boards as well as via the contact form. Additionally you will write a weekly roundup of blogger jobs available on our sister site BloggingPro.

This is a paid gig: you will be paid a monthly fee plus additional performance based bonuses.

Additionally, in its on-going attempt to continuously improve the services Splashpress Media offers to bloggers, we also launched a new job board on the immensely popular BloggingPro blog.

After many years of existence BloggingPro has become one of the major blogs in the blogging and blog software scene. Of course we plan to continue expanding our horizons and deliver you more blogging news and tips, but that is not all and we here at BP want to deliver our users even more.

In our continuing effort to offer more to our readers, I am happy to announce the addition of the BloggingPro Job Board to the site.

Free Blogger Job Listings

Jobs can be added in three different categories: blogger jobs, blog designers needed and developers needed

Follow the BloggingPro Twitter account to be updated of all latest blog jobs posted to the job board and also Splashpress Media jobs.

More info about the ‘Blogger Jobs’ blogging position is also available at the Blogger Job Board at BloggingPro and you can apply for the job via the job board’s built-in application form.


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