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Snarky Blogger Wanted for Jack of All Blogs

Splashpress Media is looking for a snarky blogger who can contribute to and help manage Jack of All Blogs. JOAB has a fine tradition of opinionated (and yes, most of the time irreverent) articles about the new media industry, so we need someone who is well-read and well-informed on the issues, and one who can express him- or herself clearly, with passion and of course with a voice well-suited to the site.

We can pay up to $10 per post (of substance, of course), and we will require two posts per week (or we can assign more as the need arises).

Interested applicants can email me at jangelo (at) splashpress (dot) com, or you can directly apply using the contact form. Please include links to your existing blogs or other bodies of writing work.


  1. He’s probably not very willing to acccomidate you since you can’t even spell accommodate. Nice work though Allen…

  2. I laugh at those of you who would turn up your noses at any legitimate paying job!

    At $10/post, I’d be making at least $10 more for each of my opinions than I do now. Sure, I value them a lot higher than that, but you have to start somewhere.

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