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Seeking a Long-Term Blogger/Webmaster/Virtual Assistant/ To Run Family Friendly Websites

Hello hello. How have you been? Job postings are a little thin lately, but I’m back! Here’s an interesting posting! The hours required for this job is 35-40 hours per week.

You must have excellent English skills. Some of your tasks will include the following:

• Blogging
• Article writing, rewriting and distribution
• Forum posting
• Blog commenting
• Social networking
• Posting articles to wordpress blogs
• Moderating blog comments
• Google research
• Keyword Research

…and related tasks of being a webmaster/blogger. The employer is looking for someone who is resourceful enough to work on your own.

1. Fixed starting salary of $300 usd per month with potential of increment in pay which can go as high as $500 usd per month. Also, because they’re looking for someone long term, at the end of every 12 months of work you will receive a 1 month bonus payment.

How to Apply
Please provide the following information:
1. Resume stating past experience
2. A few samples of your writing.
3. Links to your Myspace/Twitter/Facebook, etc. page.
4. Tell me what you are good at in terms of the duties listed above.
5. Your salary expectation for 1 month of work

Contact webmaster AT for more details. This is their website.


  1. I was going to apply for this job until I came to the salary part of the job description . A starting rate of $2.00 or less is an insult to a writers ability.

  2. Are they freaking crazy? They want someone to work full time for $300 a month. That’s not even minimum wage for a 40 hour week. Screw that.

  3. Does anyone else realize that even at 35 hours a week, this job pays approximately $2.14/hour before taxes?

  4. working for 40 hours a week. It is difficult for blogger who have other jobs. the salary is too low but i believe some people want it.

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