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From the Pro.Blogger Job boards, HubPages is looking for topical authors who are to write on anything they are passionate about. they are out for bloggers to add to their 50,000 or so pool of writers to which they need to add upon. The best earn up to $1,000 a month by earning through affiliate networks such as Google's Adsense, Amazon Associates and eBay programs with which they are part of. Interested parties can contact them through visiting the following link. HubPages is one of the biggest and fastest growing self-publishing groups in the world and people are welcome to join the group as they work to establish their names in new media.
Dyalogues is searching for opinionated bloggers who are willing to do two-way posts to discuss politics, movies, books, technology and many more. Writing style will be done in a conversational manner as if it were conversational like blogging to and fro. Posts should be opinionated yet entertaining and easy to read. Applicants are better off with a friend whom they can refer who will be getting the same compensation. The two-person setup makes the conversational work easier and being a friend makes it faster to communicate with each other. Approved posts are to be paid $5 so for the two of you, you get ten dollars. Topics are free ranging and applicants will be given freedom to select their topics of interest. Samples of such work can be found in the following pages :

Interested parties may contact them at along with their preferred area (debate/review and what area they are willing to cover.)



  1. I’m interested in this blogging opp. I can’t say I have a partner at the moment, however, I have read many dialogues, i.e. Plato, plays i.e. Shakespeare so I would be able to deliver two differing views on the same topic, perhaps more if you require it. Being an English/Philosophy major has trained me for professional b/sing. I look forward to hearing from you. Good day!


  2. Hi there,
    I am an English major, I love writing, I respect the craft. I would like to contribute a lot on philosophy, art, and yes poetry Edgar Alan Poe, T.S Eliot you name it. However brothers out there please know I am a Bangladeshi, what?! A Bangladeshi taking interest in Gothic stuffs? Well you see thats me. Please, Please if you have a job for me tell me. I would like to be paid for what I love to do.

  3. Hey;
    Matthew who told u that you do not have any partner i can be your partner we will pick a topic and prove that in our own way. i have learn this art of proving multiple meanings from a single scentance.

    It was not long ago; when i was an employee in Pakistan’s largest WiMAX Internet Service Provider Wateen Telecom and i have forward this email about an employee’s Behaviour to the HR. the next day i have found that the same person have been promoted. that news took breath out of me. but finaly i have succeeded in twisting my words in a way that they become a positive comments for him.

    so mathew what do you thing about we teaming together and have inter Civilizational Dialogues

    so we can do that

  4. MatthewR-

    I too am interested in this position and am in need of a partner as well. Perhaps, we could be partners?

    I have my BA in International Business, and at the moment, I am pursuing a Master’s in French.

  5. I’m interested in blogging as well, but have no partner. My professional background is healthcare, but I have a diverse variety of interests. I find that the current global environment is deteriorating on all fronts; from education to healthcare and religious fanaticsim to political policies. I guess you could summarize my current outlook with “if you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.” Something tells me I am not alone….

  6. I think this would be a great way to blog!
    I don’t have a partner but have experience atputting my ideas across, as have been in science education for 18 years!
    I am interested in areas other than science too -art, theatre, world politics (always voicing my opinions on how things could be done better!), books …… I usually have an opinion on most things!

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