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Online Celebrity Gossip Writers Needed!

Hot new Internet startup is looking for celebrity gossip writers to for its website:

If you think you are the gossip king or queen, you should apply for this job! We are seeking to hire talented writers that are in touch with pop culture and celebrity gossip!

The writers will be responsible for writing daily blog posts about a select number of celebrities. Each writer will be given a number of celebrities to choose from daily with a minimum number of celebrities they are required to write about daily, and will be required to write a minimum of 50 words per post.

The blog posts should be interesting, shocking, provocative, strange, outrageous, and most of all CURRENT. Each story should be written about the celebrities or current events relating to the celebrities.

The stories will be written in blog format, similar to and

They story lines do not have to be original (i.e. the story can originate from another source such as TMZ), but they must not be plagiarized.

* $5 per blog post
* 400 blog posts per month
* 25 celebrities per month
* 16 blog posts per celeb per month

* B.A. – English or Journalism
* Previous Writing Experience
* Up to One Year Writing Experience
* Will review current English or Journalism majors
* Strong interest in celebrity gossip is desired

Interested applicants can apply here.

Original post can be found here.

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  1. Hello,

    The Blogger/Writer position you describe in your recent advertisement in the is exactly the type of position we are seeking..

    I have 5 friends. All of them are good writers and looking for some writing jobs. They have many experiences in writing & editing articles, and in Blogging. I have been working with them for almost 2 years.

    ( I am a Graphic and Website Designer for almost 5 years, with some knowledge in SEO and Link Building. I am also open to everyone who needs my skills. )

    Please Email us anytime at We would like to send you the samples.


  2. Blogger Queen Leslie Siegel knows celebrity business and can write stories on what is going on here in Los Angeles with stars celeb types desperate housewives hollywood hotties!

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