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Most Sought After Online Jobs Today


Finding a telecommuting job can be a rewarding experience for many and a dead-end venture for others. After all, work-from-home opportunities do not necessarily come with the best reputation due to the many scams commonly available on the internet.

Many online jobs are actually posted by new and veteran blog owners alike. Established webmasters may need assistance maintaining their online property and assets. However, novice bloggers have typically learned some blogging basics through online sources such as blogging for beginner advice sites and ebooks and other venues, but ultimately need additional help on how to start a blog or website. Regardless of the circumstances, these are the most sought-after online jobs available today.

Writing & Editing

Online writing and editing jobs are as popular as ever thanks to the ever-growing blogosphere. Considering all websites need some form of content, this effectively means that writing and editing gigs are here to stay, at least for a while. Webmasters are typically busy managing their online property, thus requiring your skills in the production and management of articles and editorials. These types of jobs are usually best found on blogging-based online job boards.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the type of online job that might never go away. With more and more websites created everyday, employers generally need help designing that perfect logo or perfecting an ideal brand & slogan. Depending on the job in question, you may be able to charge hundreds of dollars for a single gig.

Web Development

Much like graphic design, employers often require the help of a web developer due to the highly technical nature of the job. The job description is typically not limited to website design, as it can also fall under advanced script development thanks to the ever-evolving nature of the Web. To some extent, such development may also tap into the realm of app design thanks to the rise of mobile phones. These popular tech gigs are widely available on platforms such as, as well as

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistant jobs are continuously gaining traction thanks to the wide availability of internet access and home-based businesses. With the growth of the internet comes the need for an extra helping hand, and this is where your expertise comes into play. Jobs may include responding to daily emails to managing data on spreadsheets. It all comes down to your professional background and the needs of your client, thus making this online job highly varied.


Call Center Representative

Call center jobs are an ideal venture from home, considering there is usually very little need for physical supervision and all training procedure can be performed remotely. These jobs come in all shapes and sizes, requiring you to answer questions about a physical product or to log new orders for said item. In turn, this provides an enormous potential for employment.

As you can see, online jobs are widely available within multiple, profitable industries. Depending on the workload you are able to handle, you could potentially earn a very modest income while wearing your pajamas and your favorite sandals.