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Invoicing your Blogging Clients

Freelance workers today face challenging situations. They can have their hands full managing several projects at the same time and meeting tight deadlines.

In addition to their work, they also need to do some invoicing tasks on their own at least before or at the end of the month. This is to ensure prompt payment of their services.

Bloggers are some of the freelance workers facing this work setting. While some, particularly the newbies, may still be struggling in the area of invoicing, the others have found the right tools to make their work faster and easier.

Some employers may provide their remote or freelance staff a standard document to use. The others may require their workers to download a specific invoicing software to use.

Image via artfans
Image via artfans

Invoicing Software

When preparing invoices, be sure to choose the right software that will detail your services and fees in a clear manner. Some are the paid types while the others are free to use. Among the commonly used software are QuickBooks, LessAccounting and BlinkSale.

Do make it a point to clearly state the services your rendered and the amount charged. For blogging clients, you need to indicate the title of the articles you wrote for the month, the dates they were published, their links and the appropriate fees for each article. This way, your client will see the work you’ve done.

You also need to state the due date of the payment you requested if possible to avoid late or delayed payments. Most pay their regular bloggers at the end of each month.

Payment Method

An important thing to make sure as well is that you have a clear payment policy in place for your clients. Getting paid the right amount is what you want to achieve every end of the month although in reality, there will be clients who may not always follow your agreement. There have been numerous cases of bloggers and graphic designers paid only half the amount agreed upon or worse, not getting paid at all.

When creating your policy, do specify your preferred payment method whether through wire transfer, PayPal or check. Sometimes, though, clients may also specify what option they want to use. If this is the case, you will have to follow them.

PayPal is the most trusted, convenient, and flexible option. It allows funds to be withdrawn either to your credit card, traditional banking account, or online banking account and the fees are very reasonable.

Checks are still being used today and usually, these bear the company name and logo or they can also be thepersonal check designs. This option is fine if you’re not in a hurry to get your cash. For convenience, many companies nowadaysorder checks online.

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