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Head Content Angler (Suit Editor, Sub-Editor)

McCann is one of the oldest and biggest advertising businesses in the world. In Sydney, we’ve been furtively re-shaping. We have a whole lot of work coming out in the second half of 2010 that people simply would not expect from us. We’re evolving our approach, processes and culture to create something very different and meaningful.

We’ve kept our heads down this year, focusing on action – not words. And off the back of this focus, we now need to find some likeminded vagabonds to help us on our new trajectory.

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– All submissions will be treated confidentially

We need someone to build a team of content-makers around. You’ll have run a team before. You’ll understand the rhythm of online content, how different channels require different approaches. You’ll be able to explain some of the well-worn techniques bloggers use in their headlines, themes and content structures. You’ll have a feeling for what makes something worth sharing. Above all, you could find an interesting content angle in the places others would find dull.

You may be an editor, managing editor, deputy editor or sub-editor. You won’t be coming to McCann to do advertising. You’ll be coming here to write interesting, useful and entertaining stuff across a wide array of topics – and build a team to contribute. This is a senior role.

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