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eHow Looking for Writers

We got this email from Lauren Reilly: – the web's number one How-To website – is looking for writers and bloggers to contribute to our vast library of information.

It’s easy to write for eHow.  With our easy to use template, you can upload articles as fast as you can write them.  And as part of our Writer Compensation Program, we’ll pay you for the articles you submit.  Payments are based on the
quality of your content and the traffic it generates.

eHow Writers enjoy these benefits and more:
• Publish articles on topics of your choice
• Receive payments through your PayPal account every month
• Participate in contests and promotions that allow you to earn more money
• Learn from and interact with the eHow community through comments and ratings
• Drive more traffic to your articles and improve your rankings with the help of our Writer’s Academy
• Take advantage of our member profile area where you can manage your articles, see pageviews and ratings, promote your other sites and more

And, as a holiday bonus to our writers, we are currently running a Holiday Contest to offer you the chance to earn more money.  If your article is chosen to be one of any 3 daily featured How-To’s, you will earn an instant $50 –
submitted directly to your PayPal account.  The deadline for article submission is 12/29, so register today and start writing.

For more information and to start writing, visit the link below and and create an account.



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