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Blogging Jobs – June 30, 2016

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get the job you applied for. The competition in the writing industry is brutally tough. You need a thick skin, self-confidence, and an iron will. Also, make sure you look for entry-level positions, internships, remote placements, as well as temporary gigs for a better chance of acceptance.


  1. Ghost Blogger at Better Marketing LLC (Freelance)
  2. Tech Blog Writer at Crossover (Remote)
  3. Blog Content Writer at California Pacific Charter Schools (Part Time)
  4. Blogger at Pretty Fly Society (Full Time)
  5. Sports Blogger at Yellfy Sports (Remote)


  1. Junior Marketing Copywriter (Part Time)
  2. Copywriter (Freelance)


  1. Copy Editor at WebpageFX (Freelance)
  2. Health Writer/Editor at BETAH Associates, Inc (Part Time/Temporary)
  3. Freelance Managing Editor at NationSwell (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at Air 1 Charter (Part Time)
  2. Content Writer at Mondo (Part Time)
  3. Content Marketing Specialist at Adecco (Temporary)
  4. Web Content Writer at AM GLOBAL GROUP (Part Time)


  1. Social Media Intern at (Remote)
  2. Web Production Intern at Education Week (Paid)


  1. Freelance Journalist/Contributing Writer (Part Time)
  2. News Web Producer (Freelance/Part Time)
  3. Commercial Writer at Kelly Engineering (Part Time)
  4. Courseware Writer at Falcon Lake Consulting (Temporary)
  5. Creative Writer at Call of Love Ministries (Part Time)
  6. Fundraising and Marketing Writer at Pathfinder International (Remote)
  7. Freelance Writer for tourism brand (Temporary/Part Time)
  8. List Writer at (Freelance)
  9. Freelance Writer at Writing by Design, LLC (Freelance)

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