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Blogging Jobs, April 2, 2015

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A key factor to becoming a successful freelance worker is discipline. Discipline entails meeting deadlines, responding to emails and chats asap and keeping working hours, much like in a corporate office. Although freelancing though has the advantage of flexibility of time, it’s not as if you get to play all day, like some people working in nine-to-five jobs think.

Freelancers don’t have bosses literally looking over their shoulders, so if you want to join the workforce, you have to learn to work even when no one’s watching. Read these tips on how to cultivate self-discipline to successfully stay in the freelancing world.

Now that you’ve learned one tip on how to be prosper as a freelancer, here are some paid blogging jobs you can apply for:

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Blogging Jobs

Blogger for Powersports and Auto Racing

Blog Writer – 888

Writer/Blogger for Entertainment and Technology Blog

Health/Fitness Ghost Bloggers

Pop Culture and Web Culture Writers

Copy Writer Jobs

Copy Writer

Copy Writer – Financial District

Content Writer

Experienced Journalist

Part-time Writer (remote)

Writers/Editors for popular business/lifestyle site