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Openings on Jobs.Problogger boards with one looking for professional writers who would write materials aimed at high level corporate personnel. CEOWORLD Magazine is in need of people who can provide relevant topics on current events, news, reviews and analysis of such information on Business, Finance, technology and Finance. Applicants must be able to provide 30 to 50 posts at 250 words which will be subject to grammatical and review of editorial style and voice. Aspiring writers should be self-motivated with the ability to provide prompt submissions meeting strict grammatical and writing skills needs. Writing medium is on WordPress so basic knowledge on use and some basic HTML skills is required. Compensation is negotiable with bonuses awarded to traffic generating posts paid out to an active PayPal account.
Next opening is for an Australian firm who is currently developing their online presence dealing in Project Management and IT&T projects. Applicants must be proficient in writing with exceptional grammatical skills and workload includes editing, copy writing, marketing and other related tasks.

Last one is from who needs several bloggers/writers, a site dedicated for the development, helping women improve their health and well-being. Applicants will produce short but compelling articles that spans the whole spectrum of woman's health. Compensation would be determined by performance and traffic generation abilities as well as overall visibility. People with their own personal blogs are encouraged to link back to their own sites for maximum exposure allowing the site to expand reach. Article promotion is a must so proper SEO techniques should be observed, for more information send in your applications for consideration through


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  1. sounds great. imma try this one very soon.
    thanks for the opportunity by the way.
    i know a lot of people there would be interested.

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