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Are you a professional blogger or freelance writer looking into paid blogging opportunities? We here at Blogger Jobs would love to help you out. We can post your resume and links to existing bodies of work if you get in touch with us through our contact form. Or, you can post your listing below on this page’s comment thread.

Clarification: (due to the number of inquiries we’ve received that seem to have misunderstood or didn’t follow the text above)

This site — BloggerJobs — is not hiring bloggers. We are providing bloggers and freelance writers a venue to ‘strut their wares’, so to speak, and be exposed to companies/persons on the lookout for new talent.

For us to post your “Blogger for Hire” offer, we’ll need the following info. Replying to one-liner inquiries is getting tedious, so please help us help you by including these when you fill up the Contact form:

  • Resume/CV (a link to an online version would be preferred)
  • Links to your existing bodies of work. This can include, among others:
    • Your own blogs/websites
    • Past and present blogs/websites you’ve written for

Feel free to include other pertinent info that you think will help your listing. The more, the better. Thank you, and good luck!

Update 08/23/07: Starting today we will simply ignore requests that continue to not follow the instructions above. Here’s a tip — if you want to become a problogger, learn to follow instructions.

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  1. Jeanette Huston
    Age: 30

    I have blogged off and on most of my life for many years. I have enjoyed blogging and have found blogging to be a release for me. In the past I blogged for personal reasons and I have blogged to promote my photography. I have listed below the 2 blogs I have blogged in the past:

    I have recently opened a door to mommy blogging. Being a mom myself I am trying to reach out to my mom and dad readers. My concept is to provide families with honest valid information on products and companies.

    I have recently started up a You Tube account and a Mom TV account to help generate interest for my sponsors and my blog by conducting reviews on video.

    I network myself well using Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, affiliations, and many other shared connection websites.

    Here is Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles blog:

    Jeanette Huston

  2. UK based and capable of penning articles on sports, politics, current affairs and just about anything that can be loosely termed ‘popular culture’.

    Specialist areas include football (including lower and non-league) and retro Soul Music where I maintain a social networking site at which contains numerous examples of my writing.

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