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Blogger Needed For A Robotics Blog

Here's an uncommon blogger job for those who are interested in all things robotic. is looking for writers well-versed on the topic:

The content is mostly current news stories, robotics community news, and occasionally a product review or “how to” article. You would be responsible for current news – the other story types are optional (based on desire and ability). News stories are generally 100 – 200 words long. Most posts contain a picture. I favor 'quality' over 'quantity', and only post things that interest me.

I'm looking for someone to write 1-5 posts/week for $4 – $10/post depending on what type they are. There can be a bonus for articles that are picked up by Engadget/Gizmodo/etc. or StumbleUpon. You will need to keep up with current robot news/events, but don't worry since I will provide a list of relevant news sources/blogs. Timely and relevant stories should be submitted to Giz/Engadget/Digg/etc.

If interested, please indicate whether you are want to write or just help with the site (social media, networking, etc.). Please tell me your interest in and knowledge of the subject and also include any relevant experience and some sample posts. The email address  is at: william at robot geeks dot com.


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