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Blogger Extraordinaire

Pikimal, a local start-up company with a lot of heart (and even more talent!), is in need of super Internet-savvy bloggers/community developers. This is a 45 hour/week job, and you will be compensated accordingly. This is a pretty long job posting, but please read it all the way through before applying. This will all be on the final exam (or the in-person interview), so pay attention!

Your duties will include:

  • Coming up with content (blog) ideas
  • Writing high quality, intelligent blogs that readers actually get value from – we don’t do throwaway posts at Pikimal
  • Working with the marketing department to find opportunities for press releases, media outreach, etc.
  • Identifying other blogs in the industry, compiling a comprehensive list of them all for future outreach
  • Developing relationships with other bloggers in the industry, then spreading all kinds of link goodness to their websites via link exchanges, comments on posts, guest blogging (and attracting guest bloggers), etc.
  • Social networking like whoa – but you probably already spend hours at a time on Facebook anyway, right? Might as well get paid for it!
  • Encouraging user interaction via comments, forums
  • Devising strategies to draw more traffic to the site (like contests and whatnot)
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in the field
  • Actually becoming an expert in the field (if you aren’t already)

What we have to offer:

  • Flexible hours. At first there will be designated office hours, but after the first month or so you’ll be able to spend the majority of your time working from home. Right now, I am posting this ad while sunbathing poolside. Jealous? Come work for us, and you could be livin’ the dream, too!
  • A group of really smart people to work with. Is it a coincidence that every one of Pikimal’s full-time employees has a genius-level IQ? Probably. But still, it’s a neat thing to be able to brag about
  • Support that will make it almost impossible for you to fail. You’ll get feedback and stats that will show you what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll be sent to relevant conferences and have every imaginable tool at your disposal to ensure that the blog is a huge success
  • Food/snacks/beverages, the likes of which you’ve never seen in an office before (and it’s all free, including the beer!)
  • A casual, creative and fun work environment, where jeans and tee shirts are standard office attire


What we’re looking for in a candidate:

  • Serious blogging experience – you should already know blog promotion strategies, SEO, link building techniques, etc. In fact, we’re looking for people to school us in this area, so fakers need not apply
  • Writing techniques and skills that’re stronger than Rearden metal. Yeah, I just made an Atlas Shrugged reference. If you loved it, you should apply. If you hated it, you should also apply. If you don’t have a feeling one way or another about it, you should move on to the next ad
  • A strong work ethic. This isn’t a couple’s skate, and we don’t want to hold your hand. We need people who can hit the ground running and do great work, without a ton of supervision or micromanaging
  • A personality fit. We’re an eclectic bunch that includes a roller derby superstar, a screenwriter and a member of a heavy metal band that’s big in Germany. Our founder has consulted for the Fortune 50 and chicken farmers in Armenia; our lead coder modeled brains with computers while studying religion. We need somebody who can fit in with our motley little crew, yet still bring something unique to the table

Since full-time writing jobs – with benefits – don’t come along too frequently in this economy, be sure to put your best foot forward with your cover letter and resume. We had over 300 applicants for our summer internship position, and we expect to get a good response to this ad as well. Stand out from the crowd, or risk fading into the background!

How To Apply

Complete the application form at:

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