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  1. What’s an independent woman? Is there such a thing as an independent woman? Women think so. Of course there are the men that hope so, but are there any truly independent women?

    I don’t think that you can have a healthy independent woman. As a woman I am aware that there are things that we can do independently. We work, shop, entertain independently at times, but can we live and love totally independent of another. Better yet, do we want to?

  2. my blog does not have the word U.S.A in it, but it speaks on making U.S. dollars. Or are you just saying it has to be a blog that comes from the U.S. or Canadian perspective?

  3. I believe that independence is something acheived internally. I believe that I am independent (I can provide for myself and hold a level of self confidence in just being me). However, women are nurturers and the female psyche gives women the “want” to be dependent. As women, we have insticts to care for children, the desire to be with a significant other, and the comfort in knowing we can be a listening ear to a friend or mother someone needing guidance and support.

    Whether some women will admit it or not, to be a truly “independent woman” means denying our natural role as women.

    The best independent woman is someone who can harbor all of these qualities while still knowing who she is, and striving to meet her own personal goals.

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