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Beauty and Fashion Blogger Wanted

We got this from email:

Backdoor Slider Media, Inc. is looking for a Contributing Blogger for, its beauty and fashion blog. The right candidate will be able to post to the blog one to two times per week on topics ranging from beauty and fashion to entertainment, arts and culture.

The Contributing Blogger should have a basic knowledge of HTML and should be able to connect with readers who are past the age where Lindsay Lohan’s every move matters, but who are not yet ready to join AARP. Experience with content management systems (such as Blogger, Typepad and WordPress) is strongly preferred.

This is a great opportunity for a relatively new writer looking for exposure. Compensation is minimal but you’ll experience the latest products the beauty and fashion industries have to offer as well as have a chance to attend some really exciting events (i.e., previews and fashion shows).

Interested candidates should email their resume and cover letter to Include a writing sample in the form of a published clip and/or a link. If you have no clips or links please write a 200-word piece, in the style of, about anything you’d like pertaining to beauty, fashion or pop culture.


  1. I love the ability to be able to reach people all over the world by way of internet! It’s so easy to find out the latest fashion trend or the hottest shoes and accessories. I love the new technology age……and it only gets better and even more advanced!! :)

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