A Multitude of Blogging Jobs and Two Bloggers looking for Gigs

Niche Bloggers are wanted at Blogatize.net that is setting up shop and is in need of bloggers who can write about Blogging, Entertainment, Gadgets, Health and Fitness plus many more categories that span 15 niches. Resumes and information can be sent in to their site at the specified address.
ProWeb31 is looking for Internet Bloggers who are familiar with the internet and how it works. The job is more directed towards website creation and referencing which requires extensive knowledge of the internet. Training is offered on tools that will be used if necessary Please send in your resume to proweb31@gmail.com for more details.
Tourist Bloggers are needed on a post at BloggerJobs, the position requires knowledge of Hong Kong and the various tourist destinations in the area.
Posted on the BloggerJobs boards, writers who can produce natural articles who have their own personal blogs are needed to write on Fashion, Finance, Home Improvement & DIY, Parenting, Health and Fitness, Interior Design and Lifestyle. Blog posts are to be posted onto the blogger's own website and would link to their specific clients should they be needed. Focus on heavy link building is emphasized and applications can be sent into the following address.

Two bloggers out for gigs, First is Micha (x_cybil@yahoo.com) who's had lots of experience writing through articles on their school paper and other forms of media. Nathiest(nathiest@gmail.com) is looking for celebrity gossip content gigs. Monitors celebrity gossip pages from around the globe and is willing to keep posts updated with the latest information gathered from the web. Can provide the posts/site with pictures if necessary. Hails from Dallas Texas and offers to work for the first seven days for free after which pay can be negotiated through PayPal


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