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6 Bona Fide Blogger Job Boards Where You Can Find Legit Blogging Jobs

Whether you’re a newbie in the blog writing field or a veteran who has just wrapped up the last project, a blogger job board is always something that you can go to for your next writing gig. But, like any other industry, there will be scams you have to look out for so you can avoid wasting precious time and effort on writing a piece and not getting paid for it.


Here are job boards that freelance writers and bloggers have been using to get jobs from legit companies or persons.

Flex Jobs

Job site Flex Jobs is a choice service site that scouts flexible jobs for professionals from legitimate sources. Flexibility can mean part-time, flex-time, telecommute or freelance. They guarantee no junk, thousands of job listings and regular updates. You can filter your job search by category and search for writing jobs here. The downside is, there’s a fee. It’s $14.95/month and it gets lower if you sign up for 3 months or 1 year. Although some jobs are advertised direct from employers, they also have job offers that can be found in other sites free of charge.

Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro has a job board specifically for bloggers, copywriters and editors. The list includes only recent openings but the board is frequently updated, almost daily. A blogger looking for work should find a job opening anytime he/she logs on to Blogging Pro. The site has tips and advice for bloggers and writers, and themes and plugins for WordPress.

Freelance Writing

The Freelance Writing site posts jobs from other popular sites like Elance, Guru, Indeed, etc. but picks out only the writing jobs. Most users rate Freelance Writing as safe but you still have to use your own discretion, as with most sites. Job posts are updated almost daily and you can filter jobs based on your skills or preferred type and on source. It also has lots of how-to articles, video tutorials and writing contests.

All Indie Writers

All Indie Writers is relatively new but has been mentioned positively by writers and bloggers, so this is a legit job board. The ads are sourced directly from clients and from third party sites. What makes it different from others is, the pay and professional standing required of the job are viewable on the postings; so you can screen the ads you apply to without having to click on it. The site also has a writers’ directory where you can post your profile for a one-time fee of $14.95, the better for clients to find you.

Pro Blogger

The Pro Blogger job board is a great source for writing gigs for bloggers, copywriters, journalists, authors, and content writers. It updates its board daily with ads for writing. It does caution jobseekers to examine the ads carefully since Pro Blogger doesn’t endorse them and they come from third party advertisers. In fairness, PB does try to find quality and genuine ads but bottom line, it’s still up to you to take appropriate steps to determine the validity of the ad. No complaints about scams have been reported though.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired collects job openings from a company’s career section, other job boards, specialized job sites and direct from employers. Ads at the top are from employers who have paid a fee to get prime space. Free ads follow. To look for a specific job, you fill in keywords and add filters, the same as with other sites. But Simply Hired has old ads, sometimes the latest can be a week old. Updating is irregular, so take your chance on an ad. Most ads can be found in other sites as well.