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5 Ways To Get a Blogging Job with Twitter


Many active internet users today think that LinkedIn is the only social networking site they can turn to for job hunting purposes. While it's true that LinkedIn was designed to connect employers and people looking for jobs, Twitter is another social media platform that can be tapped by job hunters.

Early this year, the human resource team of Twitter together with NPR organized a chat event on Twitter to provide information on how job seekers can use the platform to look for possible work. Being an open network, experts believe the site can be useful in connecting people with the industry they're most fitted in and potential employers.

There are various ways in maximizing the potential of Twitter to enable people looking for jobs get the most suitable work for them based on their skills and talents.

Establish Your Expertise

While Twitter limits the number of characters for every tweet you send out, you can still share valuable content and include links to relevant posts. Retweeting is fine but it would be much better to send a tweet in your own words and do it regularly.

Follow the Industry You Like to Be In

Following the industry you want to belong to is also a must. This will make you aware of the latest happenings and the trends in employment.

Follow Companies in Your Industry

Numerous companies today, including the global ones, have a Twitter account which they use to share updates on their activities and even job openings. As such, you can follow those that you like and want to be part of so you get first hand information on their recruitment activity. Following them on Twitter would be much easier on your part instead of constantly visiting their main website for updates.

Build Your Network

Establishing friendly relations with people and even companies you follow on Twitter is another important thing you can do. Engaging with them is a must and one that can easily be achieved unlike when you're using other social networking sites. Connecting with the right people and companies on this platform can be both productive and meaningful.

Use Twitter as a Jump-off Point

On Twitter, users are allowed to create their profile with photo. But although the information you can include is limited, you can still use it as a jump-off point for your more comprehensive online profiles. Be sure to post a link to your profile on other sites such as LinkedIn or your personal blog, if any.

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About the guest author:

Gracie is an active social media user who has received offers for writing projects via Twitter. She values a fast internet access such as one provided by Clear Internet Service.