Walking the Work-Life Tightrope While Working at Home


The dynamics of working at home will be different once you transition to it after years of working in an office. Whereas the office boasts a sterile and calculated environment that fosters productivity and helps you focus better, your home is anything but. There will be lots of distractions laying around, aside from the fact that you are not bound by office hours to get the job … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, June 26, 2015


Good day! Much has been said about freelance writing as a career. However, what is clear is that, by undertaking a freelance career, you forego landing a high-paying job in the office for a chance to build a career out of something you're passionate about. The struggle between money and passion is nothing new, but still posits a legitimate problem among professionals. … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, June 25, 2015


Good day! As freelancers are a fairly new workforce in the industry, there are still lots of ways to go before considering freelancing as a legitimate alternative to full-time employment. In particular, freelancers are not completely covered by state and federal protection against nonpaying clients. However, there's help in the way in the form of nonprofit organizations … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, June 24, 2015


Good day! The data from the State of Freelancing 2015 by Contently are telling of the pros and cons in freelancing. On one hand, freelancers feel that their careers and soaring and 2/3 of respondents believe that they will stay as a freelancer for a decade. On the other, the low salary (especially for those carving a freelance career after years of working in an office) … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, June 23, 2015


Good day! Another website joins in the host of writing job sites. However, unlike Scripted, Fiverr, and Upwork that do not guarantee clients quality writing from writers, ArticleBunny adopts an agile business model that safeguards both freelance writer and client from unpaid jobs and poorly written work, respectively. “We’ve built a solution that gives people easy access … [Read more...]