What to Do If Your Client Won’t Pay for Your Freelance Blogging Work


As a freelance blogger, you will find yourself working for clients with different personalities. Consider this as part of your job – it is your responsibility to treat them in a professional manner, regardless of how they conduct themselves. By staying professional all the way throughout, you build a reputation as a freelancer who delivers on all projects given to you. This … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, May 29, 2015


Good day! While one of the biggest problems that freelance writers and bloggers have to deal with is finding clients for their services, the same can be said of employers looking for high-quality content for their website and blog. In order to field more offers from client for your services, a way to reach to this point is think like one of your potential clients. This … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, May 28, 2015


Good day! When freelancers get into trouble, they have nobody to blame but themselves. Forbes freelance writer Dolia Estevez learned this the hard way when she and Forbes were sued by former spokesperson for Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Estevez identified the spokesperson as one of the "top 10 most corrupt Mexicans of 2013." However, instead of defending their … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, May 27, 2015


Good day! A freelance writing career is not a cushy job as you would expect. While there are perks and advantages that come into freelancing such as working at home, having more time for yourself, and avoiding traffic and public transportation - among other things  - freelance writing is just as brutal as any career out there. Making a time for yourself by getting even a … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, May 26, 2015


Good day! Do you want to know how much publications pay freelance writers? Do you know which among the publications out there are great to work with? Do you wish to be mentored by more seasoned writers and journalists who will also help you pitch article ideas to publications? This is what book author and journalist Scott Carney wants to achieve with WordRates. The … [Read more...]