Blogging Jobs, July 7, 2015


Good day! Blogging is an even playing field. All bloggers need is an opinion that they will write about. It all depends on all they get the message across to their target audience. However, to effectively reach out to your market, you may need to use tools and resources that will help you create visual content in a matter of minutes (important to bloggers if they intend … [Read more...]

Going Offline: Staying Connected in the Real World


Unlike being employed by a company, freelance writers will find themselves spending more hours working than not. This rings true to professionals who just launched their freelance careers. They may have the luxury of working at home and more control over their time, but they'll be using most of their time securing clients to work for. Their limited experience as a freelance … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, July 3, 2015


Good day! There's a saying that goes, "quitters never win." While there is truth to this statement, there are situations in life where quitting is the only answer. Kevin Kleitches started his career as a mental health counselor. It was a cushy job with great working environment, colleagues, and salary. But he asked himself whether this is the job that he wants to live his … [Read more...]

Blogging Jobs, July 2, 2015


Good day! Beauty blogging has been a niche industry that gained momentum as an avenue for writers and publishers to review beauty products and events. However, the beauty blogging industry is not as glamorous as you'd expect says veteran blogger Nadine Jolie Courtney in her post at Yahoo! Beauty. The constant demand for sponsored post (refers to blog posts that promote a … [Read more...]