About Online Plagiarism Checkers: Outlining the Basics


When it comes to web and SEO content, site owners run from pillars to posts looking for a proficient writer who can be entrusted to develop high-standard articles. Once a bankable provider is found, they cut some slack and go on attending merrily to other important business areas. Little do entrepreneurs realize what foul play goes underneath. Content developers who are burdened with the job of supplying rank-improving content often end up trying things that are actually detrimental to the ranking of you site, though initial results might prove to be otherwise. One of the chief practices is supplying plagiarized content from widely visited sites, a technique referred to as “link juice” by optimizers. More

3 Tips for Starting Your Own Fashion Blog


Thinking about starting a fashion blog? Here are three essential tips to help you generate excellent content and start to build a following.

1. Make it visual

Fashion blogging is all about showing and sharing outfits and style ideas, obviously. Keep this in mind when you’re planning out your blog.

Make sure you choose a template that easily features and uploads images, for example. Easy ways to incorporate more photos on your blog would include step-by-step, how-to instructions for putting together outfits.

You could do the same with certain hair and make-up styles or post daily photos of your outfits. You want your content to be visually appealing and easy for visitors to share to social media. More

When Bloggers Go Offline

A person is said to work best when he or she likes what is being done and is comfortable with the working environment required by a job. Bloggers are people who literally breathe, talk, and live in the Internet. If a blogger claims that he or she is allergic to the Internet, this can be an impossible situation.


A short film funded through the Kickstarter platform entitled “Avery, Offline” by Rachel Whitaker seeks to explore this proposition. Being a comedy film, it is very easy to use ideas that may deviate from common sense. In this film, the main character is blogger  Avery Kirk who gets a marriage proposal from her boyfriend over g-chat. She diagnoses herself right there and then to having allergy to the Internet and decides to take time off and go offline.

Bloggers Online

Once a person accepts the job of being a blogger, he or she must be prepared to spend considerable time online. Much of a blogger’s task will require being online. Refusing to do so is the biggest reason for that person to find a different job.

Blogging can be very time-consuming, taxing, and tiring. The task of writing and publishing will require thinking and organizing, with some articles requiring more than the others. There will be deadlines and standards to meet. Mental and physical exhaustion can be relieved by doing something entertaining online like playing Kickstarter games while some instances will require bloggers to stop and go offline for a while.

Bloggers Offline

Bloggers will sometimes experience the so-called writers’ block where nothing seems to come to  mind and writing efforts remain unproductive. This is usually remedied by taking some time off from the Internet. Sometimes, it may require a change of environment, from being cooped up before a work desk to viewing the outside world for a change.

Like other professions, bloggers benefit from having breaks for certain periods of time. While it is true that many bloggers will experience being in a roll where ideas seem endless, there will be times that ideas will run dry. Also, bloggers need to have a life outside blogging to be more effective in it.

Do Bloggers Need to go the Way of Avery?

So do bloggers follow the way of Avery in the movie mentioned above? Not necessarily but bloggers need to tow the line somewhere. If decisions on personal relationships are being settled online instead of face-to-face, then it’s probably time to declare a short sabbatical from blogging. Trust me, bloggers write much better when exposed to the outside world and remain connected with people, the old fashioned way.

What Exactly is the Job of a Blogger?

What exactly is the job of a blogger? That is a question I’d often hear from people. That is not at all surprising since the job description of a blogger can be a hazy subject matter especially since there seems to be no clear-cut guidelines to qualify as one.


5 Tips to Turn Freelance Writing Into a Career


Do you love to write? Then take that passion and turn it into a career. Freelance writing gives you the freedom to do what you love and lets you to work on your own schedule.

Becoming a success may sound challenging … or even impossible. It doesn't have to be. All it takes is some creativity — both on the page and off it. Here are five tips to turn freelance writing into a career.


Writing Gigs To Supplement Your Blogging Income

Successful bloggers can make a lot of money – it’s perfectly possible to generate more than $100,000 a year if you have a large enough following. In fact, if you hit the big time – like Perez Hilton has done – then the sky’s the limit. However, the truth is that most bloggers struggle to make a living, particularly when they are first starting out. While their income builds over time, they often need to find other ways of supplementing their income in the early days.

While there are many ways to do this – for example, taking a part-time job or even putting in long hours to hold down a full-time job– one of the best approaches is to find other writing gigs that will generate extra cash. Not only does this keep money rolling in the door, it also helps to build your writing skills, and will give you useful contacts for the future. More

7 Tactics to Become a Top Blog in Your Industry

top blogs

Blogs that are hugely popular become so for a reason. Bloggers have to take the time to research and understand what it takes to become a successful blog. If you want to turn your blog into a top resource in your industry, follow these seven tips.

1. Consider your audience

Nothing is more important for your blog than your audience. If you write a post that discusses retirement funds, it won't work for a blog directed at teens.

Writing about a niche means considering its audience and writing specifically to them. The language and graphics you use to speak to a woman in her 70s differ greatly from what you'd use for a teenage boy.

2. Make popular topics last

Again, the topic of conversation in your blog doesn't matter so much as how you phrase it. When you have a particularly hot topic to discuss, break it up into several different blog posts. This will whet the appetite of your readers, and encourage them to return and read more.

It also promotes sharing. If your readers are pleased by what you say, they're more likely to link your blog posts on their social media sites, send them to friends and family, and become your own personal marketing tool. More

Finding a Writing Job by Developing a Blog

There are several ways to land an exciting writing job but one of the most popular now is by having a blog. Blogs of writers serve as a live resume of sorts for employers and other people who may need a writer. The ability and the capability of the writer can be gauged by the contents found in his or her blog.

Even without purposely applying for a writing job, writers who are able to establish a good name and reputation will eventually catch the attention of individuals and companies who have use for such skills. While some would be contented in hiring the writer to produce materials for their use, many will prefer to also cash in on the good name of the writer. This will of course be equivalent to better pay.

blog writing

Here are some ways writers can make sure that their blogs catch the right online attention:

Get the Best Web Hosting

When we talk about the best web hosting option, it does not necessarily mean the most expensive or the most popular. The best web hosting service will come from the company that will be able to serve the needs of the site. However, blog owners must be aware of the importance of reliability and consistency in online presence. This means the very least downtime, if any and the fastest speed when loading the blog pages.

Put Quality and Excellent Content

Writers for blogs will have to remember this always. The blog and its contents will reflect their capability to produce quality and excellent content for employers. There must be great care in form and structure so as to come out a master of the language being used. It has to be noted that potential employers can look at the blog contents even without informing the writer. If they like what they see, they will find a way to contact the writer. If they don't, the writer may not even know that there were people who visited the blog for such purpose. A good advice here is to always consider the structure, spelling, grammar, and other technicalities of writing before publishing anything.

Widen Writing Horizons

Bloggers should learn to bring their writing and their blog before a wider audience. Guest posting in related blogs will create awareness and appreciation from a different audience. There is always the possibility that a potential employer is within such audience.

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A Blogger's Essential Skill: Understanding Hosting Options


Arianna Huffington, Pete Cashmore of Mashable, and Perez Hilton are but a few writers who have found fame and fortune in the world of blogging. That said, a July 2013 article in U.S. News & World Report takes a more sobering look at the picture: while the potential for big bucks is there, most bloggers aren't going to make a living writing for the Web. But whether a blogger wants to reach an audience of millions or just a specialized group, the skills needed are much the same. One of the most important skills? Understanding the many hosting options out there, what they mean, and which ones are right for the job. More

Freelance Writing and Blogging Jobs


A print and web design company based in Downriver needs a freelance content writer to help in writing articles for print publications and websites. Topics to be covered are business profiles, dining guides and reviews, community profiles and local arts scene. Although a freelance position, the writer needs to go to the office once a week to get his list of article topics. Articles should have a word count of 330 to 550. More details here.

Alloy Group is looking for a researcher and writer with a background in legal research. The part-time job requires researching legal articles and writing blog posts and articles. Qualified to apply are those with superior writing skills and can work independently at home. To apply, submit your resume, cover letter and short writing sample at this website www.rustconsulting.com/careers.aspx. More

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